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Agricultural permits for driving (under 18 years old)

Agricultural permits allow drivers under 18 years old to drive within a specific, restricted area for farm work only.


  • There's no minimum age for a juvenile agricultural permit.
  • They're regulated by the WA Department of Labor and Industries: Agricultural Jobs for Youth.

Note: Getting an agricultural permit doesn't waive the requirements for getting your first WA driver license. If you're under 18, you must still meet all the driver training and instruction permit requirements.

How to get an agricultural permit

  1. Pre-apply online to save time in the office.
  2. Complete these forms:
  3. Provide a detailed map outlining the farm, roads, silos, and fields where you'll be driving.
    • You can use online maps like Google or Bing.
    • For examples of a finished map, see Sample maps.
  4. Submit your forms and map:
  5. Make an appointment to take your knowledge and skill test at a driver licensing office. Once you pass both tests, you'll:
    • Answer a medical question.
    • Pass a vision screening that includes color recognition.
    • Pay the fees.
    • Get your temporary permit. Keep it until you receive your permit in the mail.

Renewing your agricultural permit

Your permit is valid for 1 year or until you're 18, whichever comes first. Make an appointment to renew at a driver licensing office and pay renewal fees. You don't need to retake any tests.

Changing the farming area on your permit

If you transfer to a new farm or start driving in a new area:

  1. Email a new Agricultural Permit Questionnaire (English, Español, Русский, and more) and map to: exams@dol.wa.gov.
  2. When it's approved, we'll send you an email.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take my drive test at my local commercial driver training school?
No. You'll need to make an appointment to take the test at a driver licensing office.

Can I use my agricultural permit to drive to school or run errands that aren't related to farm work?
No. All your driving must be related to farm work.

Can I have passengers in the vehicle with me?
Yes, but only if you're transporting them in connection with farm work.

What happens if I get a ticket for violating the restrictions of my permit?
Your permit can be suspended, revoked, or canceled.

Do I still need to take a driver training course before I can get my driver license?
Yes. Your permit only allows you to drive in a restricted area. It doesn't meet the requirements for completing a driver training program.

I have an agricultural permit. Do I need to get an instruction permit, too?
Yes. Before you can get your driver license, you must have an instruction permit for at least 6 months and meet all driving practice requirements.

Does the time I drive with an agricultural permit count toward the time I'm required to have an instruction permit before I get my license?
No. You still need to have an instruction permit for 6 months and meet all the other requirements.

Will I need to take the knowledge and drive tests again when I get my driver license?

  • If you passed the tests recently, you won't need to retake them as long as the scores for your:
    • knowledge test aren't more than 2 years old, and
    • drive test aren't more than 1 year old.
  • If your test scores are older, you'll have to retake the tests before you get your driver license.

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