Hazardous materials endorsement (hazmat)

If you're a commercial driver and want to transfer, add, or renew a hazardous materials endorsement (HME) in Washington state (WA), you'll need to know the following:

  • You must visit a driver licensing office location.
  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) HME clearance is valid for 5 years.
  • The expiration of the HME clearance will determine how long or if we can issue you a license with HME. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) background check will not suffice for the HME background check.
  • Adding a hazmat endorsement could affect your current license expiration date. If we adjust your expiration to a shorter time we will not refund the difference.
  • You must have a CLP or CDL to complete your TSA HME fingerprints.
    • If we issue you a temporary CLP or CDL, you'll need other documents to get your TSA HME fingerprints. Visit Required Documents (tsa.gov) to find out what else you need to bring.

Because the TSA routinely has updates, visit https://universalenroll.dhs.gov.

HME requirements

  1. Complete the HME background check through TSA. The TSA HME clearance can take up to 45 days to process. Allow enough time so you can transfer, add, or renew your license with HME.
  2. Take the HME knowledge test at a driver licensing office location.
  3. This test is required anytime you add, transfer, or renew with HME.

Getting your HME clearance

Follow these steps, before your license expires, to get your WA HME clearance:

  1. Apply with TSA (fees apply):
  2. Get fingerprinted at a TSA Hazmat fingerprint location
  3. TSA will mail your HME clearance letter to the address you provided on your application.
    Note: The date on the notification may be a few days different from the actual HME clearance date.
  4. If the TSA HME application is completed with:
    • a WA driver license, TSA will send you a clearance letter and notify us of the results.
    • an out-of-state license, TSA will send you a clearance letter and notify the state you were licensed in. WA will not be notified. However we can pull the TSA HME clearance from the other state after you have completed a WA CDL application.
  5. Visit a driver licensing office, and:
    • If necessary, complete the CDL application and testing process.
    • Pay any required test and license fees.
    • Get your CDL with HME. Expiration of your license will be tied into the expiration of your HME clearance.

Contact information

For questions about: Contact:
  • HME application and fees.
  • List of disqualifying offenses.
  • Fingerprint locations.
  • Status of your HME background check.
  • License number is referenced incorrectly on HME clearance letter.
  • Required documents for HME background check
Transportation Security Administration
Call: 855.347.8371
Web: https://universalenroll.dhs.gov
  • To see if the current HME clearance date has been posted to your Washington State driving record.
  • Requirements to get a HME on your Washington License, and how long it will be valid.
Department of Licensing
Call us: 360.902.3900

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