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Register as a Training Provider or Instructor

Our online service is the quickest way to manage your professional or business license.

You must use Google Chrome (google.com) to use our online service.

Setting up your access

You must set up access before using the Professional and Business Licensing service for the first time. Using your Chrome browser, create a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) login or use an existing SAW login.

You already have a SAW login if you:

  • Have a License eXpress account for your driver, vehicle, or business licenses
  • Have done business online with:
    • Department of Revenue
    • Department of Labor and Industries
    • Employment Security Department

If you already have SAW login, use Chrome to login with your existing username and password.

  • Add the Professional and Business Licensing service to your list of services.

These resources will help you through the process of setting up your access:

Video instructions

What you'll need to be a Training Provider

A training provider must adhere to state and or federal training requirements. Per:

You must renew your authorization every 2 years.

What you'll need to be a Training Provider Instructor

Instructors must meet the requirements defined in WAC 308-100-005 (leg.wa.gov) for Behind the Wheel (BTW), and Theory Instructors.

How to apply

Instructions for applying

There is no fee to apply to be a CDL training provider or instructor.

Apply online

Renewing your CDL training instructor or provider authorization

Renewal of your authorization must be done online.

Instructions for renewing

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