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CDL disqualifications: Driving a commercial motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .04 or more

How long will my license be disqualified?

  • First incident: 1 year (3 years if the incident occurred while you were transporting hazardous materials.)
  • Second incident or more: For life

How do I re-qualify?

  • First incident:
    • If you have not already, you must show proof of U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residency (see list of approved documents).
    • Pass the Commercial Driver License (CDL) knowledge tests.
    • Obtain a CDL permit.
    • Take a skills (drive) test.
    • Provide certificate of training dated after January 2009 from a registered CDL training school, or from a registered employer. If providing training certificate from a registered employer, this must have a current date.
    • For a hazardous materials endorsement, you must have an eligible Transportation Security Administration hazmat clearance on record.
    • Pay a $35 re-qualification fee.
  • Second incident or more: You can't re-qualify from a lifetime disqualification.

Can I appeal the disqualification?

Yes, if your BAC was above a .08 the hearing will cover both your personal and commercial driver license. If your BAC was below a .08 the hearing will cover your commercial driver license.

Related laws

RCW 46.25.090(1)(b) and (2): Disqualification - Grounds for, period of - Records

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