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Change your disability or medical designation: Driver license and ID card

Beginning January 1, 2022, you will have the option to add or remove disability and medical designations in our driver license and identification (ID) card system. These designations can give first responders information about how you communicate or inform them that you have one or more conditions that might affect a health emergency:

  • Most law enforcement can see these designations when they look up individuals in our system.
  • In an emergency, medical personnel can only see designations printed on your license or ID card. They don’t have access to what’s in our system.

You may choose one or more of the below designations to be added to your record:

developmental disabilities symbol: black letters DD surrounded by white on black circle
Developmental disabilities
deaf or hard of hearing symbol: white ear slashed through by white diagonal line on black circle
Deaf or hard of hearing
medical alert symbol: white snake on white staff on black asterisk
Medical alert

The designations you choose are linked to your name in our records. You can also choose to have symbols printed on your license or ID card.

Submit your information to us

You can submit your information to us in person at an office or send it in the mail.
Option 1: Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office location. Bring:

  • Your current WA:
    • Driver license or ID card
    • EDL or EID
    • Instruction permit

Option 2: Mail to the address on the form:

Once we receive and process the form, we'll send you a confirmation letter. If you chose to have the symbols printed on your license or ID card, you will receive a new card automatically.

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