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Do I need an endorsement?

Find out if you need an endorsement on your driver license to legally ride your motorcycle or trike.

How to get your endorsement or permit

Learn how to get a license endorsement or instruction permit to ride your motorcycle or sidecar/trike.

Knowledge and riding skills tests

Find out where you can take your tests, get sample test questions, and study the motorcycle and sidecar/trike guides.


Find a motorcycle or sidecar/trike training school near you, and learn about the different types of training courses.

Motorcycle Safety Program

Learn how the Motorcycle Safety Program and the Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board promote safe motorcycle riding in Washington.

Check the status of a motorcycle endorsement

Find out if someone has a valid motorcycle endorsement.

Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board

See a list of board members and get meeting minutes.

Watch our video: Training is Everything: Getting More From Your Ride

Watch our video: Motorcycle Awareness - A Second Look

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