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Pre-apply online


  1. Find out if you can pre-apply
  2. Learn why to pre-apply
  3. Pre-apply online

1. Find out if you can pre-apply

You don't need to pre-apply if you've had a WA driver license, instruction permit, or ID card within the last 6 years. You already have a record with us.

  • You can visit an office location without pre-applying.
  • If you're taking driver training, you can give them your WA driver license, permit, or ID card number.

If you don't already have a WA license, permit, or ID card you can pre-apply, if you:

  • Have a Washington (WA) residence street address
  • and
  • Are getting your first WA:
    • Driver license,
    • ID card,
    • Instruction permit, or
    • Enhanced driver license/ID card (EDL/EID).

You can’t pre-apply if you:

  • Don't have a WA residence street address or have other address issues. Visit an office location to apply.
  • Are upgrading your license or ID card to an EDL or EID. Visit an EDL/EID office location to apply.

2. Learn why to pre-apply

Pre-applying saves you time! You can start some of the paperwork online and you’ll get a confirmation ID number you can use at our offices and at driver training schools.

  • When you visit our office, we can pull up your record using your ID number. (Be sure to bring your identification documents with you.)
  • If you're taking a driver training course, give the confirmation ID number to your driver training school. They'll send us a waiver electronically - which saves you a trip to our office.
  • You'll need to know your confirmation ID number. You may want to print it or write it down.

3. Pre-apply online

Pre-apply - your first steps to getting your first driver license, instruction permit, or ID card.

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