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Report the sale of a boat

Starting January 1, 2023, vehicle registrations allow the removal of your address. New registrations have your address located on the bottom. There's a dotted line showing where to cut it. This is optional and intended to provide address privacy in case of theft.

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By law, you must tell us within 5 days when your boat has been:

  • Sold privately.
  • Given as a gift to another person.
  • Traded, either privately or to a dealership.
  • Donated to charity.
  • Turned over to an insurance company.
  • Disposed of.

How to file the report of sale

Filing this report of sale is free.

Required information

When you file the report, make sure you have:

  • Date of the sale or transfer.
  • Name and address of the person to whom the boat was sold or transferred.
  • The vessel registration and certificate number.
  • The hull ID number (HIN).
  • The make, model, and year.

Note: Filing a report of sale doesn't transfer ownership, but it does release the seller from civil and criminal liability.

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