UCC updates

Changes to paper and online searches

We recently implemented several changes related to searching:

  • We revised the UCC-11 Information Request and ask that you use this version when mailing a search request to our office. You don't need a form when searching online.
  • When you search online, you can no longer limit your search by a range of dates. This feature didn't work well since search results must include all related records.
  • We're now able to display very long names and addresses on the copy generated for viewing online or including in a copy search.
  • If you search online by file number, we'll display lapsed records still in our system.
  • A search by debtor name now includes records that have no middle name or initial. For example, a search of "John Adam Smith" will include records filed on "John Smith."

Fraud alert: Bogus treasury notes, bonds, and accounts

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is investigating incidences where individuals are using fraudulent Treasury-related financial obligations or accounts to buy vehicles or pay debts. To learn more, see the official Fraud Alert.

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