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Members: Washington State Board for Architects

How much of a time commitment is serving on the board?

Board members may serve up to two 6-year terms. The board meets about 4 times a year, including meetings at colleges with architecture degree programs. Members may also choose to attend outreach events or conferences.

Are board members paid?

Travel expenses are reimbursable and members are eligible to receive up to $50/day when conducting board business.

Board members
Member Role Term expires
Colin Jones - Seattle, WA
Chair June 17, 2022
Rick Benner - Bellingham, WA Vice Chair June 17, 2023
Roch Manley - Vancouver, WA Secretary June 17, 2024
Neitha Wilkey - Lakewood, WA Member June 17, 2021
Sian Roberts - Mercer Island, WA Member June 17, 2021
Scott Harm - Tacoma, WA Member June 17, 2025
Susan Cooley - Oak Harbor, WA Public Member June 17, 2026

Who's on the board?

The board consists of 7 members:

  • 6 registered architects who:
    • Are residents of Washington State.
    • Have at least 8 years experience in responsible charge of architectural work or teaching.
  • 1 member of the general public who:
    • Is a resident of Washington State.
    • Isn't, and never has been, a registered architect.
    • Doesn't employ, and isn't employed by or associated with, an architect.

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