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Frequently asked questions: Court reporters

I have a court reporter certificate from the National Court Reporters Association. Can I get a court reporter certificate in Washington without taking the Washington exam?
If the certificate is current, we can issue you a Washington certificate.
Are temporary certificates issued in the state of Washington?
Do I have to be a notary public to become a court reporter?
No, it's not a requirement. However, to notarize a document you must have a notary license. See Notaries Public for more information.
If I’m a licensed notary public, is it legal to notarize my own signature or document?
See Notaries Public for more information.
How often and where is the exam held?
The exams are given twice a year, usually in early spring and fall. See our Exams page for more information.
How long does a court reporter have to keep their notes?
Transcribed notes must be kept for at least 3 years. Untranscribed notes must be kept for at least 10 years, or as required by statute, whichever is longer.
What is the definition of a standard line as referenced in WAC 308-14-010 and WAC 308-14-135(3)?
"Standard line" is a line that can be determined by looking at a full line of text and counting from the first letter, including punctuation and spaces, to the last letter of that line. The standard line doesn't include a "Q" or "A," or the numbers on the left side of the page. There are no fewer than 54 and no more than 60 characters per standard line of text.
Do I have to offer my court reporting services and fees to all parties on equal terms?
Yes. All certified court reporters (CCR) must offer arrangements on a case concerning court reporter services or fees to all parties on equal terms except where differing standards are established by court or governmental agency. See WAC 308-14-130 (1).
Can I charge a reduced rate for a copy of my transcription?
Yes, as long as you offer these rates to all parties. See WAC 308-14-130 (1).
What are the obligations of a CCR if a transcript is ordered on an expedited basis?
You must offer the same service and expedited fees to all parties on equal terms in addition to notifying all parties when transcripts are ordered.
I’m licensed in another State. Do I still need to have a Washington State court reporter license to practice in the state of Washington?
Yes. Chapter 18.145.010 RCW states “no person may represent himself or herself as a court reporter without first obtaining a certificate as required by this chapter."
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