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Administering driver license exams at your school


  • School must have a Master Examiner or Certified Examiner
    • Or Knowledge Examiner if school is wanting to only administer the Knowledge exam.
  • Be a licensed Driver Training School and actively providing classroom and/or behind the wheel instruction at your school.
  • Have the required insurance coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence for vehicles and premises.
  • WAC 308-110: Administration of knowledge and skills testing by driver training schools.
  • WAC 308-108: Driver training schools.

What you'll need

  • A SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account to apply online.
  • Complete and submit the Request to Administer Driver License Exams form.
  • Driver Training Schools Examinations Site Information.
    • List all branch locations (including high schools) where you will conduct exams.
  • At least 2 test routes for skills exams with turn-by-turn instructions
    • See Section 6 of the Instructor Examiner's Guidelines and Requirements.
  • Provide your most current proof of instruction for teens. In schools that offer only adult education, please provide proof of adult instruction.
  • Your school's exam policies that include:
    • The Department's authorization to re-test.
    • Exam requirements.
    • Exam fees.
    • Refund policy.
    • Retesting policies.
    • Complaint/grievance procedure.


Submit a New Contract AMR from your online dashboard.

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