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Administering driver license exams at your school

How to apply

If you're a main school location and want to conduct knowledge and/or skills exams you must first meet the requirements, see:

  • WAC 308-110: Administration of knowledge and skills testing by driver training schools.
  • WAC 308-108: Driver training schools.
  • School must have a Master Examiner, Certified Examiner (or Knowledge Examiner if school is wanting to only administer the Knowledge exam).
  • Be a licensed Driver Training School and actively providing classroom and/or behind the wheel instruction at your school.
  • Have the required insurance coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence for vehicles, premises, and errors & omissions.
  • Call the DTS program at 360.902.3703 to verify that your school have met the requirements.

After you've met our requirements, you'll need to send us all of the following:

  • Request to Administer Driver License Examinations — Completed by the main school location or school district.
  • Driver Training School Driver License Examiner Roster — List all certified examiners who will conduct exams at your schools (certified examiners and master examiners).
  • Driver Training Schools Examinations Site Information — List all branch locations (including high schools) where you will conduct exams.
  • Driver Training Schools Examinations Staff Roster — List all authorized staff that will access training materials. They can't conduct exams or instructions.
  • At least 2 test routes for skills exams with turn by turn instructions, see Section 6 of the Instructor Examiner's Guidelines and Requirements located in the DTS SAW portal under the Training tab.
  • A copy of your most recent completed class roster, student records and behind the wheel forms if you are conducting teenage courses. If you are only instructing adults please provide a copy of all behind the wheel and classroom records for the previous month (additional records may be requested by DOL).
  • Your school's examination policies that include: The Department's authorization to re-test, exam requirements, exam fees, refund policy, retesting policies, and complaint/grievance procedure.

Once your information has been processed and approved, you will receive correspondence from our program with further instructions.

Exams is the final examinations a student takes to get their driver license (knowledge and skills). Skills exam is the driving portion of their examination.

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