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Recordkeeping and business practices: Limousines

Advertising rules

Your Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number must be on any advertisement for your business.

Recordkeeping requirements

We select limousine carriers on a random basis for audits of records. All documents listed below must be on file and available for review upon request. Don't send them to us unless directed to do so.

Business records

  • Advertising records and contracts
  • Passenger manifests
  • Dispatch log
  • Contracts for related services
  • Customer payment records
  • Collision and injury reports
  • Customer comments or complaints and responses

Vehicle records

  • Inspection reports
  • Registration certificates
  • Insurance certificates
  • Maintenance records

Chauffeur records

Maintained for each chauffeur:

  • Copy of valid WA State driver license (front and back).
  • Training test scores.
  • A Department of Licensing Employment Driving Record issued no more than 60 days before hire.
    • See options on how to buy a driving record.
    • If they've lived in another state in the past 5 years, you must have a complete driving record from the previous state.
  • Results of a background check from the Washington State Patrol within the last 2 years.
  • A U.S. Department of Transportation Medical Examiner's Certificate (completed/signed by the doctor), certifying their fitness to be a chauffeur. The exam and medical certificate are required every 2 years.
  • A drug test report obtained within the past 90 days.
  • A report or certificate from a drug testing facility stating the chauffeur is participating in a random testing program. Before recertifying the chauffeur on your annual application they must get an updated report.

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