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File a complaint: Taxis

How to file a complaint

  1. Complete a Dealer, Manufacturer Services and For Hire Complaint form. Check the "For-hire (taxi)" box in the first section of the form.
  2. Enclose all of the following:
    • Copies of all documents related to your complaint.
    • A detailed explanation of your complaint, including:
      • Dates.
      • Other parties involved.
      • The license plate number of the for-hire vehicle.
      • A summary of efforts you've already made to resolve the problem.
      Describe events in the order they occurred.
  3. Submit your complaint and all supporting documents:
    • By fax: 360.586.6703
    • By mail:
      Dealer, Manufacturer and For Hire Services
      Department of Licensing
      PO Box 9039
      Olympia, WA 98507-9039

What happens after you submit your complaint

  1. We determine if the complaint falls within our legal authority.
    • If it isn't covered by our laws, we'll notify you.
    • If it appears to fall within our authority, we may conduct an investigation. Our investigator will act as an impartial, fact-finding third party. During the investigation, they aren't representing you, us, or the service provider. The investigator may contact the person you filed your complaint against to ask for a response, and may give them a copy of your complaint. The length of time an investigation takes depends on current caseload and the complexity of the case.
  2. After all the facts have been gathered, we evaluate the information.
    • If the evidence doesn't show a violation of the laws, we'll dismiss the case.
    • If a violation has occurred, we may recommend a disciplinary action, such as a reprimand, fine, or license suspension.
  3. The person you filed the complaint against may request a hearing to dispute the decision.
  4. We'll notify you of the outcome of your complaint.

Note: Our decisions don't constitute legal opinion. We don't have the authority to recover funds, award damages, or make judicial determinations. To pursue these types of remedies, seek legal advice.


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