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Business and professional licensing contacts

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The Department of Licensing regulates the following types of licenses. If you don't see the license you're looking for, please try the List of Licenses.

Who to contact depending on the professional license
If you need help with… Email us at: Or call:
Appraisal management companies dolbpdamc@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6504
Appraisers reappraisers@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6504
Architects architects@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1388
Auctioneers plssunit@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6636
Bail bonds security@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6611
Body art, body piercing, and tattoos doltattoo@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6660
Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts dolcombativesports@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6644
Camping resorts realestate@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6486
Collection agencies collect@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1388
Commercial Driver License (CDL) schools dolcdltpr@dol.wa.gov 360.902.3900
Cosmetologists dolcosmo@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6626
Court reporters crp@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6633
Driver training tse@dol.wa.gov 360.902.3703
Employment agencies collect@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Employment directory services bls@dor.wa.gov (Department of Revenue) 360.705.6744
Firearms firearms@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6616
For Hire forhire@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Funeral and cemeteries funerals@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1555
Geologists geologist@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1497
Home inspectors DOLINTHomeInspectors@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6487
Landscape architects landscape@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1497
Limousines forhire@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Motorcycle Training Schools motorcycle@dol.wa.gov 360.902.3674
Notaries public notaries@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1550
Private investigators security@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6611
Prorate & Fuel Tax PRFT@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1858
Real estate audits reaudit@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6515
Real estate — Brokers, managing brokers, firms and branches realestate@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6488
Rental cars bls@dor.wa.gov (Department of Revenue) 360.705.6744
Scrap Metal scrapmetal@dol.wa.gov 360.664.1581
Security guards security@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6611
Sellers of travel plssunit@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6634
Taxis forhire@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Telephone solicitors bls@dor.wa.gov (Department of Revenue) 360.705.6744
Timeshares realestate@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6486
Vehicle and vessel dealers dealers@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Vehicle manufacturers dealers@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Vehicle transport and disposal dealers@dol.wa.gov 360.664.6466
Whitewater river outfitters bls@dor.wa.gov (Department of Revenue) 360.705.6744

For information about licenses not listed above, please see the List of licenses.


(TTY call 711)


Business and Professions Division
Department of Licensing
PO Box 9020
Olympia, WA 98507-9020



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