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Commercial Driver License (CDL)

Do I need a CDL?

Find out if you need a CDL to drive your commercial vehicle.

CDLs and endorsements

Learn about the different classes of CDLs, restrictions, and when you need to have an endorsement on your CDL.

Getting a CDL

Find out about instruction permits, self-certification, training requirements, waivers, and approved documents.

CDL testing

Review the CDL guide, learn about knowledge and skills testing, and prepare with a practice knowledge test.

Renew or update your CDL

Learn how to renew or update a CDL.

Transfer your CDL

Find out what you need to do to transfer your valid CDL to Washington from another state.

CDL third party examiners

Find out how to apply to become a third party examiner.

Register as a Training Provider or Instructor

Find out how to register to become a CDL training provider or instructor.

CDL disqualifications

Learn about CDL disqualifications and what to do if your CDL is disqualified or revoked.

CDL resources

Links to sites with useful CDL information.

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