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Getting a license

Steps to getting your first license

Find out how to get your first Washington State driver license.

Driver training and testing

Find out where training and testing are offered in your area, learn about the knowledge and drive tests, and use the study guide and practice test to prepare.

Veterans and Military personnel

Find out about special driver licensing for past and present members of the military.

Moving? Get WA license

New to Washington State? Find out how to get a driver license.

Agricultural permits (under 18 years old)

Find out how to get or renew this special permit that allows teens to drive within a restricted area for farm work only.

Medical and vision screening

Learn what to expect at the eyesight and medical screening when you get your driver license.

Mandatory insurance

All drivers in Washington must have auto insurance. Find out what you need to have before you drive.

Organ donor

Learn how to register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor.

Voter registration

Register to vote while getting your driver license.

Facial recognition

Learn how we use facial recognition technology to make sure a person has only 1 driver license or ID card.

Driver license designs

See the designs for each type of Washington State driver license.

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