Renew your ID card


Starting July 1, 2018, all standard cards will be marked with language to indicate they're not valid for federal identification purposes. You may continue to use your marked or unmarked standard card for boarding airplanes and accessing secure federal facilities until October 1, 2020. Enhanced driver licenses and ID cards meet federal Real ID requirements and won't be marked.

How to renew your ID card

  • Renew online if you got a renewal letter from us.
    • When you're done, print the receipt. It will show you've renewed your ID card, but can't be used for photo ID since it doesn't include your photo or signature.
    • Your new ID card will show the last photo we took of you at an office.
    • We'll mail your new card to the Washington residence address we have on file for you in 7–10 business days. If you don't get it within 30 days, contact us at
  • Renew in person at a driver licensing office. Be sure to bring:
    • Your ID card.
    • Payment for the fee.

Is your address up-to-date?

If you need to update your address, please change your address before you renew. When you renew, we match your Washington residence address with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Are you a twin or triplet?

When you get your driver license or ID card, we may ask if you’re a twin or triplet. Answering this question is strictly voluntary.

We share this information with the Washington State Twin Registry. The Registry will contact you and ask if you’d like to join the Twin Registry. Learn more about the program on the Washington State Twin Registry website.

Enhanced ID cards (EIDs)

Please see Renew your EDL/EID to learn how to renew your enhanced ID card.

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