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Report unsafe drivers

How to report an unsafe driver

If you feel that someone you know is no longer able to operate a vehicle safely, complete a Driver Evaluation Request (English, Español, Русский, and more).

Things to remember when reporting an unsafe driver

  • Please be as specific as possible about the driving abilities and medical or vision conditions of the driver, and include supporting documents with the completed form if necessary.
  • The age of the driver isn't a consideration. Just because a driver has reached a particular age doesn't mean that he or she is an unsafe driver. Medical conditions affecting driver safety can happen to anyone at any age.
  • All information submitted must be personal knowledge or observation. We won't accept second-hand information or anonymous letters.

What happens after we receive a report

We'll review the information to determine the next step:

  • Often, we'll send the driver a medical or vision certificate asking for more information from a physician or eye care practitioner.
  • We may require the driver to complete a re-examination of driving knowledge and skills. Depending on the skill level demonstrated by the driver, we may take action such as requiring equipment to accommodate impairments.
  • If we determine that the driver is a threat to public safety, we may cancel his or her driving privilege.


Under Washington State law, information we receive about unsafe drivers isn't confidential and will be provided to drivers or their attorneys upon written request. However, don't let that stop you from intervening when safety is at risk.

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