Renew your license: Cemeteries

Learn when and how to renew your cemetery license.

Renew your license

  • You must renew your license every year
  • You can renew 120 days before your license expires

Renewal requirements

Be ready to answer legal background questions and provide supporting documents if needed.

Update your contact information online, if necessary, before you renew your license.

How to renew your license

Follow these steps to renew your license.

Gather the required documents

Renew your license online

You'll receive your license faster by renewing and paying online.

Log into SecureAccess Washington (SAW)

Don't have a SAW account? Learn how to create a SAW account to renew online.

Renew your license by mail

To renew your license by mail, follow the instructions on your renewal notice.

If you did not receive a renewal notice, call us at 360-664-1555.

Need additional help? Here's how to contact us.

call Phone: 360-664-1555
(TTY: Call 711)
mail Email:
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