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Honorary Consular license plates

Honorary Consular plates


  1. Who can request this plate?
  2. Find out the cost for plates.
  3. Submit your payment and application.
  4. Update your Good-to-Go! account, if needed.
  5. Transferring or replacing the plates.

1. Who can request this plate?

Consular Corp official representatives of any foreign government, if they're:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • Licensed as an honorary consular official
  • Authorized by the US Department of State
  • WA state registered owner of the vehicle that the plates will issued

Note: You'll need to show us a copy of your honorary consul ID card or the exequatur issued by the US Department of State.

2. Find out the cost for plates

There are no yearly renewal fees.

Fee by vehicle type
Vehicle type Fee
Passenger $37.25
Truck $36.50
Motorcycle $19.25

3. Submit your payment and application

Contact a vehicle licensing office to find out the total cost of your plates.

Mail your payment, Specialty License Plate Application and a copy of the following:

  • Honorary consul ID card
  • or
  • Exequatur issued by the US Department of State

4. Update your Good To Go! account, if needed

If you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass, be sure to update the contact information on your account with the Department of Transportation:

5. Transferring or replacing the plates

These plates are transferable to another vehicle:

  • For a fee
  • If they're owned by the same honorary consul official as long as they are still serving as an official.

When the honorary consul is no longer serving as an official we'll issue standard license plates to display on your vehicle at no fee. You may keep the Honorary Consular plates as a keepsake.

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