We're upgrading our systems to better secure your information. All vehicle and driver licensing offices will be closed August 31 – September 3, 2018. Some online services will be affected before and during the new system launch. We encourage you to complete your transactions now, in our offices or online.

Transfer plates to another vehicle

You can transfer your vehicle license plates to another vehicle if the new vehicle is:

  • Titled and registered in your name.
  • and
  • Registered in Washington State.

Verify your address

When you transfer your license plates to another vehicle, you must verify your residence street address or business address with us by:

How to transfer license plates to another vehicle

You may transfer your license plate to another vehicle:

  • In person at a vehicle licensing office. (Additional service fees may apply.)
  • or
  • By mailing all of the following to any vehicle licensing office:
    • A copy of the registration for the vehicle you want the plate transferred to.
    • A letter indicating that you want your plates transferred to the new vehicle. The letter should include your:
      • License plate number.
      • Current residence and mailing address.
    • A check or money order for the fee. Please contact a vehicle licensing office to determine the exact cost to transfer your plates, including all licensing fees.

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